Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear

I adapted Don and Audrey Wood's classic into a short and simple puppet/flannel board combo. I like to use our mouse glove puppet, since the legs are easily manipulated.


a large red strawberry (pre-cut in half) 
strawberry leaves (for easy removal)
a square of dark felt, larger than your strawberry
A pair of those silly nose/mustache glasses with hinges and temples removed; add velcro

Here goes:

Oh, little mouse; whatcha ya doing? (Little mouse points to the strawberry on the flannel board.)
Wow, you found a red ripe strawberry! (Little mouse nods his head.)
Whatcha going to do with strawberry? (Little mouse pretends to pull at the strawberry.)
You're going to pick that red ripe strawberry and take it home? (Little mouse nods and jumps up and down.)
Hmmm . . . little mouse haven't you heard about the big brown bear who lives in these woods? (Little mouse shakes his head.)
Oh, (very dramatically) he's this big--arms up high--he sniffs like this (big bear sniffs), and he is VERY HUNGRY (rub your belly).
Little mouse scurries behind my back and peeks out.
So, little mouse, if you take this strawberry home, the big brown bear will know where you live. AAH!

It won't matter if you to try to hide it (cover strawberry with larger felt piece). Then remove the larger piece.

And it won't matter if you try to disguise it (put the glasses on the strawberry).
That big 'ol hungry brown bear will sniff it right out! (All sniff together.)

Did you hear that? (Pretend to hear something way off in the distance. Ask children if they hear it.)
I think that may be the big brown bear sniffing his way here now!

The best thing to do little mouse, is to cut that red ripe strawberry in two; give half to me and you keep half. (Pull the strawberry in two and remove from board.) Hurry! Let's eat.

(Rub your belly.) That's one less red ripe strawberry that big brown bear will get! Mm-hm.


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